This is a question that many hopeful fathers ask, wanting their son or daughter to get into this amazing game called golf, and who knows? They could one day represent their country in the Ryder Cup! There is no set age to start swinging a gold club, but a child should be at least 7-8 years old before seriously trying to play, and they would have to have child-length clubs, which are considerably shorter than adult clubs.

There must be an interest

It would be pointless trying to persuade a child to hit golf balls unless they are interested, and if your son watches you play and demonstrates a desire to learn, then search online and book him a course of junior golf lessons in Bangkok and he can begin to get to grips with this incredible sport. As well as having the one-on-one tuition, you should take your son with you to the driving range, and watch as he swings, making sure that he remembers what he’s been taught.

A Game for All Ages

People of all ages discovered golf, indeed, many didn’t start playing until they were successful in the career, while others started as caddies, perhaps to earn a little pocket money, and from caddying, one quickly gets the interest that inevitably leads to getting out on the driving range. Certainly a few of the big names in the game didn’t pick up a golf club until their mid-teens, so it’s never too late to get into golf.

Regular Play

This is the key to becoming a good golfer, and including your child whenever possible will help him or her to get the hang of the game. Some fathers have their sons caddy for them on a weekend round, and you can gain a lot of knowledge as a caddy because you are watching others trying to beat the course, which is everyone’s aim.

Buying a Set of Clubs

A young person certainly would not need a full set of clubs; indeed, a driver and 3-wood, plus a 3,5,7,9 iron and a putter would suffice for at least a few years, and when your child is ready, they can get into the adult size shafts.

You would know whether or not your child is interested in playing golf, and if they are, search online for a local junior golf academy and book an introductory course.