Relocation can be stressful if not planned properly. However if you are engaging professional movers in Toronto then your job might get easy. Before engaging a packers and movers, check whether they can meet your expectations and requirements. To ensure that the right company is selected, you must know what are the types of moving services are available in Toronto. Let’s check out what kind of services moving companies offer in Toronto.

Local Moving

As the name suggests in this kind of moving services, the things are transferred from one house to other within the same are or in the neighborhood. This kind of short distance moving services are generally considered within the same state or within a radius of 100 miles. The professional moving services in Toronto generally charge by the hour for local moving services. These services are generally under the state law and regulations. This is the most cost effective moving services available in Toronto. Browse through some top moving services to ensure that you get the best deal.

Long Distance Moving

Moves exceeding 100 miles distance are considered long distance moving. While choosing professional movers in Toronto for long distance shipment of goods ensure that the company you choose has legit license to carry goods outside the state. As these are long journeys, it is best to choose companies that can offer insurance. This will mean that if there is any mishap and the goods or any of the goods get damaged during the journey, you can claim money for the damage. The cost of this kind of packers and movers service is decided by the total weight of the goods nd the distance to the new location. For long distance moving services it is also good to choose a company that can offer you professional packaging services. The furniture, fragile items and your luggage will travel a long distance and hence the chances of damage are high, so proper packaging is important in these cases.

International Moving

What if you are moving from one country to the other? The Professional Moving Companies in Toronto can also help you with that. This kind of moving may be either by air or sea. Choose a packers and movers who have a license to shift goods to international destinations. If you want to save some money then choose moving services via sea. There are many complications involved in international movement of goods and hence it is important to choose a moving company that is experience in international moving services. Also as lot of documentation is required for international moving, choose a well-known company because you will be submitting your sensitive documents like your identity proof.


Short distance, long distance and international moving services are the three most popular packers and movers services offered by the best Professional Movers in Toronto. If you are looking for any such company, checkout the website of Let’s Get Moving, you will get reliable service. This premium packers and movers service provider offers all these three types of moving services.