Cialis has come to the rescue of many men who have experienced erectile dysfunction. It has been on the rise in the past few years as it is preferred to other ED treatments by most men. Cialis calms the muscles and arteries present in the penis as it improves the flow of blood to the penis. After arousal, this medicine enables the penis to hold blood, thus leading to an erection. Cialis will only function if you get aroused sexually. Below we look at ways to ensure you get a maximum result when using it. It is possible to buy Generic Cialis online, with just the touch of a button.

  1. Always take your time

Erectile drugs take time to produce a result, with some such as Viagra taking 40 minutes. Cialis might take up to three hours or more for maximum output. It is a reminder that for them to function, you must be sexually aroused. A reaction that aids in giving you an erection is made when you get aroused, meaning you are responsible for it. It would be best to spend quality time in foreplay by creating the mood and engaging your senses to have the best result.

  1. Follow the plan and Cialis dosage

You should strictly adhere to the schedule you came up with, with your doctor for maximum effects. Suppose you think you might forget, try setting an alarm that will remind you. It will help take these pills before an event that you might have sex. Take the dose even if you forget to, as long as there is a thirteen-hour space to the next one. However, do not take it if the time to the next dosage is near.

  1. Limit your alcohol intake when taking these pills

You might experience side effects suppose you take more than five glasses of wine in the period. This goes ahead to prevent you from having an erection. You might experience effects such as headache and dizziness suppose you mix these two.

  1. Limit taking other medicine while taking Cialis

Like you are warned against taking alcohol while taking these pills, taking medicine while taking Cialis has adverse effects. It might cause a harmful drop in blood pressure. Avoid consuming nitrates during this period as they might cause death. Be keen to check with your doctor to ensure the medicine you are taking does not collide with Cialis.

  1. Don’t quit soon

These pills take some time to have a full effect, and many men quit after the first three attempts. However, it should not be like that. You will need time to find the correct dose, and most of the time, a doctor has to be involved. This is so that they can help to determine which amount will be more effective. These drugs work in 8 out of ten men, so you must be patient until it shows effects.


Erectile dysfunction is common among men, and it happens due to some reasons. The good news is that it is a manageable condition. Cialis will have a maximum effect on your body with the above tips, and you will get that erection you have been craving for.