So, you have decided to relocate to Bangkok because you have landed a new job in the city. The kids are excited to go, but maybe apprehensive about moving to a new country and a new private school. Moving children to a new school can be a challenge, they have to make new friends, get used to a new environment and adjust to a new norm.

Here are some things you can do as a parent to make the transition go a lot smoother.

Choose the Right Time

Most of the time when we have to start a new job in a new country, we tend to give ourselves a few weeks of free time before we begin. If you are moving the family with you, remember to give your kids the same grace period. Moving alone can be incredibly stressful, even for your kids. So, don’t put them under additional stress by moving at the beginning or in the middle of their school term.

When considering private schools in Bangkok, make sure they allow your kids to start at a time of your choosing, even if it is in the middle of a term. Your children need time to settle in their new environment, this will help them prepare for the challenge that lies ahead.

Small Steps

When you have settled in, you can bring your children to see the school and introduced them to teachers and other students. It is best not to throw them in the deep end and leave them there for hours on their first day. Visit the school once or twice before they start and let them get used to their new setting.

Keep an Open Dialect

During the first few days and weeks at their new school, make sure you talk to them about their experience. If they are struggling with some issues, you can give them support and help find a solution to their problem. You may also have a lot on your plate, but make sure you do not neglect your child’s feelings.

When moving abroad, choosing the right private school for your child is one of the toughest decisions you can make. There are many educational options in Bangkok for expat children and you will find first-class international schools dotted throughout the capital. Don’t rush your decision and always do a lot of research on each of your options.