In the majority of the homes, family members generally gather around in living room for chit-chatting and discussing about the day. Also, there are other areas in the house, which may be high traffic areas, where you may need much durable flooring material.

While selecting your flooring type from flooring stores, you need to first ask yourself few questions about your family and home to decide your flooring needs.

  • Do you have young children?
  • Do you keep pets?
  • Whether you prefer to sweep/mop or do vacuuming?
  • Do you prefer soft and warm or hard and cool?
  • What will more important to you – elegance, comfort or durability, etc.?
  • Whether your rooms are small, large, well-lit or high foot-traffic area, etc.?

Answering all the above questions will help you to decide the best kind of flooring for your home. Following are few different types of floors available in the market.

  • Carpet

If you are looking for extra amount of warmth and comfort then carpet can be your choice. Preferably in bed rooms carpet flooring will be more appropriate. If you have young children or have pets then prefer darker shades that can be easily cleaned and maintained.

  • Timber

Timber has certain appeal that every homeowner will prefer to have timber flooring. Timber floors can also make your home appear spacious and elegant. However, it can be a more expensive option.

They have some benefits like you can sand it if it gets stained and hence when your young kids grow up, you can always revive your flooring after few years.

  • Bamboo

Bamboo is the strongest and fast-growing plants of the world. It will allow you to make sustainable and stylish choice rather than traditional timber.

Because of glue-less locking system, you can go for a simple and gap-free installation. You can get many different varieties of bamboo flooring in Australia right from natural blondes to darker shades.

  • Laminate

Laminate floors are also growing in popularity because of affordability as compared to timber floorboards. You can find laminate flooring that is moisture resistant and has a transparent overlay, which is less likely to get stained, scratched or even burnt.

  • Vinyl

Vinyl is quieter than any genuine timber and also will not split or splinter, require no polishing or staining. It can also be installed over your existing hard floors. Vinyl is ideal for all your rooms including kitchens and bathrooms.

  • Tiles

This kind of flooring has been engineered with 70 percent limestone and few other resilient materials and is perfect alternative to a natural stone, ceramic or porcelain tile. Tiles have character and longevity but it can be softer and warmer under your foot.

  • Rigid core

You can always be floored by rigid core flooring that offers maximum durability and it has got a layered structure, which features all the best attributes that you can get from multiple flooring types like luxury vinyl or laminate.

Your rigid core flooring will feature many durability characteristics of any traditional luxury type of vinyl tile, but having greater dent resistance.